Helloo new year!

Hey cutie pies! 

I know it the 8th of February but did you make your 2013 resolutions list? Surely I did… And though a late starter, I did some of my first steps towards my goals for 2013.

First on my list (you probably seen it at a post before…) was to dye my hair pink or fuchsia. Which I am proud to say I did.


397581_580502948632206_1259056066_nYep, this is me in the picture. Hey! (it’s the first time seeing me, no?)

But, unfortunately, that’s all I did so far…

Did you achieve any of your new year’s resolutions?

Hair hair on my head which color is the fairest of them all?


I am currently staying closed in my house ’cause (guess, guess) I caught a stomach infection. Yesterday I wasn’t able to eat anything; I only drank some water and tea. Sigh…

Yesterday I had appointment with my hairdresser to change (at last!) the dead-carrot color that my hair has lately (after an unsuccessful attempt to turn light blonde). Unfortunately, I couldn’t go so, I have more time to think what I want to do with my hair…

I will also have them cut a little and this is the haircut I like the most for the time being.

The one on the right of course!

My biggest problem is what color should I dye my hair… My natural color is a mixture of sadr brown, blond and red therefore impossible for any hairdresser to achieve the same color. What can be done is to reach as close as possible and let the natural color gradually come out. Which means a big pain in the butt.

My options are:

1) My natural color which looks like that depending on the angle you look at it (and at summer my roots turn light blonde, my middle remains the same and the ends turn redish. On their own.)

2) An orange-ish color which fits my pale complexion  like this:

If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them because I don’t know what to do!

Short hair inspiration.

As I mentioned in my post below, I might need to cut my hair short (again) in order to grow them long and healthy. So… here are some hairstyles I find cute. 🙂

It is kinda very short but the long bangs allows you to style the hair in many ways and almost all the hair has the same lenght so they will grow nicely.

I am a huge fan of bob and this one is really cute…

This one also is a very nice style, even though it is not shown clearly due to the smoke…

One word. Cuteeeeee

A shorter bob…

This one also. With is other side.  

And finally…. 

This is how long I want my hair to be. I cross my fingers that I will have that in 2 years. =)


Yeah, I know…. I’ve been so bad! I haven’t written anything for so long!

But I have reason and I am about to share them.

  1. I had my exam period and as I mentioned in a post before I owe so many lessons that I had to sudy day and night to be able to pass them and take my degree in time
  2. It’s been one year (in 27/01/2012) since my best friend died. And I wan’t feeling well
  3. I caught 2 time in a row cold. Yeah, that’s right.


Other stupid things that happenned is that I tried to bleach my hair and dye them a very bright blond which made my hair have 3 different colors (yeah, 3!) and so… My roots are light blonde, my middle hair is a yellow-orangishis color and my ends are almost orange. Not a beautiful sight. I can’t wait to go to my hairdresser. I haven’t decided yet what I am gonna do with that. 

Should I cut my hair and just dye their natural color? Should I dye them again blonde and hope for the best? I do not know. My hair are very sensitive and already, although I take really good care of them, they feel like hay. So, I think I will cut them again and turn back to my natural color. And start again for my goal which is long hair with pink endings. =D

To pink or not to pink?

Lately a thought stuck in my mind…

I am thinking of dying my hair pink once they grow a little. I know it is an attention-seeking color but this is not the reason I want it. 

I’ ve read manga and watched anime since I think 3 or 4 years old and the crazy colored hair they had,  was part of the great appealing I found in their aesthetic.  

To pink or not to pink?