What to wear…

Tell me where you are going to tell you what to wear…

1) Going to slumber party

As you see you need comfy, cute housewear clothes along with comfy house shoes =)

2) Going to a rock concert

3) Going to phoenix concert

4) Going to a soccer game

5) Going to an exam

6) Going to a costume party

7) Going on a roadtrip

8) Going out for sushi

Gyaru amour.

Hello again! I know it’s been a while since my last outfit inspiration blog entry but I will make it up for it with a huge post. Those of you (and I know that there are a lot) that adore girly outfits, brace yourselves for an overdose is coming!

Long wavy hair, cowboy or safari mood and of course clothes that match this. The animal print details on the shorts are very nice and easy to DIY on your old jeans. Brown shoes, bag, hat and accessories. Sweet. Also, the white tunic with the brown details makes this outfit both sexy and comfortable. Perfect spring outfit. ❤

Feeling like wearing lace and pastel? Just look at the outfit above.Pink, cream, baby blue and the hat… Ahhhh! It makes my girlie heart beat a lot faster. Perfect look for a date or for the times you want to feel both comfortable and girlie.

Wanna live like a girl in a cowboy movie? Blue shirt, brown color and yeah, a cowboy hat! So sweet!!! ❤

You don’t know what to wear at your uni in springtime? Jean shorts, and a beautiful shirt with a thin green jacket with a big jean bag ideal to carry all those notebooks and books.  And high heels with a more fat (is that how is called?) heel ideal to walk in all day.

Flower, flower and some more flower! Spring is all about the earth begining again and everywhere you look there are flowers! So, a spring outfit inspired by this beautiful sight is only natural. This one is for the more cool days when you need something to provide you warmth and still allow you to feel girlie and cute. Pink works very well with brown to create a cute but not over the top look. And I ADORE over the knee socks! ❤

Springtime is not always about sunny weather… Rainy days are here too.Long jeans together with apink corset and pink pumps and a matching umbrella. Could this be any cuter? Now who is gonna be grumpy on rainy days? Not me!

This reminds me of the few weeks I spent working as a secratary… As you already guessed I adore pink color and this skirt is so cute! Matched with the shirt and the sweater the outfit is toned down and looks appropriate for work while still keeping the girlie tone.

Pink polka dot dress with matching shoe and accessories. ❤ Ideal for going out for a coffe or for a walk at the park.

Baby blue is another color I adore. Here a blue ruffled shirt is matched with a brown skirt with blue and brown accessories. I would wear something like that at my work or when going out for a coffe/movie.

A more eccentric yet cute outfit. ❤

Another eye-catching outfit. This one can be turned from day to night outwear. 

An outfit that looks like it is from another decade. The high heels can be changed and the outfit be worn with flats for those of us that walk everyday many miles.

Can say much about this one. I just want to buy everything and wear those clothes all week!

That’s all for now (I have to help my sister organize her birthday party) so, Part #2 of Gyaru amour will be up in the coming days. 

Until then, take care and enjoy yourselves!