Game Of Thrones

I really, really love these series. Not only the TV series but also the books. I think it’s a big hit ( here in Greece it is not shown on the TV so I can’t really tell but many of my friends have watched the series. ). My favorite characters till now are Daenerys, Tyrion and Arya, Which are yours?

I therefore believe I do not have to explain the reason why I make a Game of thrones outfit inspiration my first blogpost after a long time… So, let’s begin! (Ah! In the end I have the links for the images and the clothes shown so that you can find them if you want them. 😉 )


vaes dothrakFirst outfit inspired by the clothes worn by the people in Vaes Dothrak. I really liked the leather details in their clothes as well as their boots. The color scheme is quite simple to follow as they almost all the time chose brown-ish colors.

arya starkThe second is one of the most badass characters in the series, Arya Stark. She almost all the time wears boyish clothes, unlike her sister, and on the first cycle has her hair braided but on the second cysle has a short boy haircut. Her color scheme is mostly grey, brown with hints of white and black.

lady catelyn starkHere is an outfit inspired by Lady Catelyn Stark, a character that I love but I can never forgive for not having at least a humanly approach to Jon Snow. Hello, he is your stepson wheter you like it or not and he didn’t choose to be your son’s bastard. Other than that I admire how she stays strong for the sake of her children. Her color scheme is also quite settle with blue-ish and grey tones in almost all her outfits.

sansa starkSansa Stark. Such a beautiful girl but there are so many times I want to shake her or punch her in her face. Why don’t you just leave with the Hound??? Why??? At the beginning of tha series she wears the Stark’s colors, grey and white but soon becomes the queen’s clone and wears the colors worn in the court. Her hair have some amazing updos I cannot seem to understand, even after watching the series so many times, how they are made.

fire and blood

house targaryen 22house targaryen

Outfits inspired by the house Targaryen. Fire and blood is their motto and their color scheme is, without any doubt, red. Although Daenerys almost never wears this color, should she come back to rule the Seven Kingdoms, I don’t think she would not wear a lot of clothes with this color on them. Of course I have included an outfit inspired by the one she wears at her wedding ceremony but put up in a more wearable manner.

house lannisterhear me roarhouse lannister 2House Lannister. 3 children, two of them making incest actions and one dwarf. Nice. Their motto is hear me roar and they surely do as they are the richest and from my point of view, one of the most vicious houses. Their colors are, also red and even though Cersei is one of my least favorite characters, I adore her clothes…

My laptop was kinda grumpy today, so I will upload the rest of the post later… If you wish to see the clothes used in the pictures, some of them are found here , just click on the picture and it will give you the links to the shops selling them. And you can find much more here just click on the collections that caught your eye. 😉

So, till next time, I wish you a great time!!




Bambi outfit inspiration

Bambi was one of the movies that made me as a child cry as hard as I could… I mean bambi lost its mother! So, since it is one of the most memorable cartoons I watched as a little one, it deserves an outfit inspiration, no?

Bambi, the hero of the movie, such a sweet little fellow.  ❤ Love.

Another everyday outfit perfect for the university and the for every time you need something casual yet unique to wear.

Two outfits inspired by Bambi, it has its brown color palette and of course details with deer like the necklace, the earrings and the bracelets. 

Another outfit inspired by Bambi and Faline. So cuteee both of them! Again here we have the same color palette (brown) and this look is much more formal than the previous ones.

Another outfit inspired by Faline. Here there are more pastel, girlie tones and of course the deer details in the earrings and the ring.

Bambi’s friend, Flower. Adorable! Here it is a very unique dress in black and white, perfect for a more formal event.

Thumber, the bunny, the dress is grey just like its fur and the shoes an off-white color to match its paws. I think I would wear something like that on a date or something. 🙂

Lastly, my favorite quote from Bambi. 

Love is a song that never ends. ❤ ❤


Alice in Wonderland inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I always thought that Alice in Wonderland is the most crazy Disney movie. All those characters with their weird clothing and behaviour….

So, this movie definitely deserves an outfit inspiration post.

The main outfit that Alice wears in the movie.

The outfit that Alice wears in the Tim Burton‘s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

I love the knee-high socks in this outfit.

A more modern interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. It has the bunnies as a movie element.

Caterpillar is wise and if you think what he says have a deep meaning but with his slow speech and smoking is difficult to take him seriously…

A Cheshire Cat inspired outfit perfect for a holiday party.

And an everyday outfit inspired by Cheshire Cat. I think I would have worn something like that the days I was working as a secretary. 

Such a cute little kitten! In this outfit you can see the same color pallette and the pink bow that this little cat wears.

The King of Hearts. Enjoy!

And his Queen of Hearts…

A casual outfit inspired by Queen of Hearts.

The Mad Hatter is my favourite character in both Alice in Wonderland movies! ❤

An outfit inspired by the wholeMad Tea Party.

March Hare, Mad Hatter’s friend. 

The Dormouse is the other Mad Hatter’s companion…

More than anyone I wanted to punch Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I mean, they got my nerves more than the Queen of Hearts!

The White Rabbit, the one that started all…

Lastly, a memorable quote of the movie…

Beauty and the Beast

Everyone has its favourite Disney movie. Beauty and the Beast has to be mine. I don’t know why… I mean, there are others with deeper meanings, more indulging story-line, more touching but this is my favourite. I can watch it every day and still not be bored. Still cry, still laugh, still feel the same heart-touching feeling with the same intensity every time.

With no further delay here is a (quite long) post about this movie clothing inspiration…

How could I put anyone else first rather than Belle, the heroine, a girl I can relate to? This is the outfit she wears at the cover of the movie. Honestly, the best princess outfit.

An outfit inspired by the clothes she wears at the beginning of the movie. So simple and pretty!

A more up-to-day outfit inspired by the color palette of her princess outfit. perfect everyday look with references to the movie like the book necklace.

Like the outfit above, this is a modern interpretation with the rose being this time a reference to the movie.

This is a modern outfit inspired by the clothes she wears as the movie proceeds. Again the rose as well as the chosen colors are the reference to the movie.

I hate repeating myself, so just enjoy (and be inspired) by this modern interpretation.

A more formal dressing inspired by her princess outfit.

And a more everyday casual look. =)

The Beast is a very interesting prince, not the kind who will be docile and kind, he is stubborn and, of course will rescue when you need help, but he will have an attitude. Actually , I think he is one fo thee few princes we get to know deeper, know more about their character and their thoughts. Also, he is the one being tormented by a witch not the princess. Maybe that’s why I live this movie so much. It is different from the others.

His prince outfit is made up by blue and yellow, so this modern outfit represents his color palette very faithfully.

Same goes here. =)

Babette is really cute and I always enjoy the scene where she flirts with Lumiere. Such a funny couple!

A more free formal interpretation.

Chip is still a child. Crazy, funny and adorable. 

Cogsworth is like the Grumpy dwarf in the snow-white. Always sees at the dark side of life. 

Madame de la Grande Bouche or simple put Belle’s talking wardrope.

Mrs. Pots is Chip’s mother. Such a good, kind-hearted, mother-like character!

Summer outfit inspired by the funny, flirty Lumiere. 

The rose that started everything. It deserves an outfit even though is not really a movie character…

What would be this movie if it didn’t have its villan? Gaston is self-centered, selfish and not so smart. He has his fan club in the movie, I think he is the only Disney villan that has one, and so pretty… Enjoy outfits inspiration from him.

For the end of this post I saved some of the most known quotes from the movie as well as some funny moments…

Rozen Maiden.

Dressing inspiration can be found everywhere… Yesterday I watched a fan-made  video for an anime called “Rozen Maiden” and I feel in love with their outfits! I’m not sure if it is an anime worth-watching but certainly their clothe are worth noticing. So, here is another dressing up inspiration…

Beautiful isn’t is? I like the Victorian references (such an interesting era for clothes) and of course, the color pallet.

A more boy-ish outfit but so well put-together!

So girly! And one more plus is of course the pink hair. ❤

A geek/school uniform outfit. I really like it and i want to wear like this at my uni. 

This outfit is all about pink! I want to find similar shoes to those in the picture though I haven’t seen anything like it at the shops…

This look is not so revealling. I like the color pallet and how well combined it is. 🙂

The little mermaid #3

Who can forget the scene where Ariel gets her legs and decides to wear an old cloth as a dress?

Max, the prince’s dog, is such a cutie! And clever too since he understood Ursula right from the start. 

Flounder, Ariel’s best friend. Such a funny character!