Helloo new year!

Hey cutie pies! 

I know it the 8th of February but did you make your 2013 resolutions list? Surely I did… And though a late starter, I did some of my first steps towards my goals for 2013.

First on my list (you probably seen it at a post before…) was to dye my hair pink or fuchsia. Which I am proud to say I did.


397581_580502948632206_1259056066_nYep, this is me in the picture. Hey! (it’s the first time seeing me, no?)

But, unfortunately, that’s all I did so far…

Did you achieve any of your new year’s resolutions?

Here comes, Orka again.

Did you guys missed me as much as I missed you?

(I hope you did…) Anyways, I am back after a long, long time. Sorry about that but I was moving out of my place and, well, I didn’t have free time to take a s**t not to mention working on my blog. But these things changed and I am back, refreshed and I promise you I won’t leave you ever again! ❤

So, for this week, I will post photos of my new room (yey!), new outfit inspiration and my first post of my new series “Guide to Savoir-Vivre”.

I’m getting them prepared, so I’ll write to you guys soon.


Xo xo gossip girl (season #2)

Gossip girl is one of the tv series I really enjoy no matter how many times I watch. Needless to say I am in love with Chuck Bass (wish I could find someone like him in real life… sigh…)

Anyway, since I started with season #1, I must continue with season #2, so enjoy these breath-taking outfits…

I still firmly believe that Serena’s style is inferior of Blair’s but this long white dress along with the hair and the accessories is so pretty I admit it.

Blair can wear a ton of floral clothes and accessories and still look chic. How does she do it?

She rarely appears wearing trousers or shorts so that’s why I think those appearances are precious. Love it!

Such a beautiful fitted dress… Sigh… I wish I looked like her wearing a dress like that!

Another outfit for school of hers. The tie and the dress are my favorite parts of it. 🙂

Little J with new haircut looking stunning. Love the shoes girl!

I’ve looked everywhere for a skirt like that but no luck at all… I want it!

I like the way these elements are put together in this look. Way to go Jenny!

Green + yellow + brown = another gorgeous Blair look…

Simple yet wonderful…

In this look I like very much the hairstyle along with everything else.

Wish back when I went to school I would look like that.

I think the grey tones compliment her skin the most…

I adore this look!

Little J starting to have a remarkable sense of style…

3 adorable total-black looks!

Gotta love these boots!

As you realised, I left the outfits do the talking for me… 😛
And now…

My favourite look in season #2 is…

Which is your favourite look?


Realising that you are alone in your life while being surrounded by many people is far more devastating than actually being completely lonely. Because there is always that illusion that you are in reality worthy, that there are people out there that really care. Which is not true. At all. And when the pink cloud is blown away you know the truth. And truth cuts deeper than a knife. 

Valentine’s day…

Valentine’s day is truly a feast for the romantic souls out there. Ooops! I mean for the romantic souls out there that have a partner. 

For us, the so-called unlucky, you know, the singles, is just another day… If we don’t receive a present from an unknown admirer that is…

I won’t call myself unlucky, of course. Being single was my decision and I support it 100%. But, also, I am a hopeless romantic soul so, of course I am going to celebrate this “celebration of love”. I’ve made my heart-shapped chocolates (many many of them) and I am determined to give at least one to every person I know that although is single, still wants someone to give him/her a nice gift.

So, all of you out there being sad for being single, you can still have fun. Make sweets, give to someone or to yourself a bouquet of flowers, a small gift or just pamper yourself more this day. Don’t let this drag you down. 

And for the end, I kept a video that I always post on Valentine’s day. 😀

Enjoy and happy Valentines  day to everyone!

Happy bus ride??

WE all’ ve been there….

A really old lady boarding on our bus. A really old lady with a really bad temper. And there she comes. She stands just in front of you. You who didn’t pay attention because you were lost in the mist of your thoughts…

“Where this life is taking me?” or “How cute these boots are” or “Should I eat pizza tonight?”

And I said before, there she comes nagging because you didn’t give her your seat. 

My dear dear granny, giving to someone your seat is out of kindness, it is NOT, i repeat NOT obligatory!

Yes, probably I would have stood up to give the seat to your sorry ass if I had seen you, but now? Now way!

And in order to make my point clear, I didn’t stand up from my seat until I reached my destination (which actually was the end of the bus tour).

So, dear elderly people, you always nag about how disrespectful the youth is, but you should try to be good examples to us by showing some respect to us too.