Ever thought how life would be if you made the other choice? When you were face with the dilemma to choose this path or the other, what would have happened if you had chosen the other one?

Lately, I’ ve been thinking about it. I mean, every day, every moment we make , consciously or unconsciously, choices that lead us to one place or another. And suddenly we arrive somewhere. Is this the place we should have been? If we have taken the other road, would we be in a better place than this?

I’ve made so many, seemingly, wrong choices in the past and I was hurt beyond tha point of breaking. But, while lying on the bottom of the bottomless pit of sadness, I met so many people willing to support me that became in the process some of my dearest friends. So, were these choices right or wrong?

The final outcome wasn’t so devastating as it seemed at the beginning it would be, but still are those choices the ones I should have made? If I didn’t I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends, but, also, I would be much happier and much less hurt lying in the arms of a caring lover than having to face some of the worst things in my life. And I don’t mean breaking up or having someone yelling at me. I mean having to face cold indifference when I had to face the death of my best friend. And afterwards, being so much hurt that still, after more than two years I’m still unable to trust a man to be with me. So many things. lies, mistrust, being used and being judged gor that by the same person for that. I had to explain myself for giving more than I should.

Moreover, if I had chosen to be single than “double” would I have much more time to spent with my best friend whom I lost so suddenly and without any warning? If I had chosen not to be so involved with a volunteer organization would I be more aware of his being unwell? I still wonder if I would be able to notice some signs of his illness and force him to go to the doctor before it was too late had I spent more time with him.  I still see nightmares where he calls out for me and I am unable to reach him…

Yes, I chose to become an administrative stuff to a volunteer organization. I really loved being active and creative. Unfortunately, it consumed so much time and put so much pressure on me while I had just lost my best friend that I couldn’t make it. I even almost had a heart attack from the pressure. And I had to resign. I still feel so bad about resigning. I didn’t want this thing to end so badly, I loved working there… And still, I wonder if things would have been different if I had made different choices, if I had chosen a different path to follow.

And this year, I lost my grandmother… I adored her and I lost her to cancer only one month after the diagnosis… And I wished with all my heart that I could turn back the time. That I would be able to see my best friend’s and my grandma’s illness and make something about it. Anything. Something so that the guilt wouldn’t be so big. So that I would be able to say I did something for them or in the very least that I was there to remind them everyday that I loved them…

So, which is the right and the wrong choice? How do we even know what is what? And when we make each decision are we truly and fully aware of the consequences it will bring to us?empty


I know many women (me too) are trying to lose weight. During this process there are many precautions someone must take and some decisions one must make.

First of all, you can lose weight in a healthy or unhealthy way. There are many healthy diets you can find and follow, one that will fit your metabolism because not all the diets are appropriate for everyone. This healthy eating style if is paired with some regular exercise can bring long-termed results and you can finally lose that extra weight you’ve always wanted. But, you must understand that this will take time and constant effort is needed in order to be rewarded with the body of you dreams. Now, the unhealthy way of losing weight consists of eating disorders, diet pills, over-exercising and so much more. Please, if you care about yourself, stay away from this way of achieving a thin body.

Secondly, you must understand how much weight you can lose and still have a fully functional body. Simple put, not all of us have the possibility to be really, really thin. Some of us have curves and places in our body that no matter how thin we become, they will still exist. I, for instance, have an apple-shaped body which means that I gain and maintain weight on the upper portion of my body. Even when I was 29 kg with a 160 cm height, I still had tummy and boobies visible. Even then. (I never had eating disorders, I just didn’t like eating since I was 2 years old. I gained weight when I was 16 years old and now I am 60 kg fat. lol)

Lastly, I know we all try our best to create and maintain a beautiful and healthy body, so here some thinspirational photos for you my friends…

And God knows how much I adore cosplaying!

So, keep up you efforts and don’t give up! 

Stay strong, stay healthy, become thin!

You can call me V.

Hello my macarrons! 

I’m currently watching V for Vendetta, a film I’ve never watched and seems to influence a lot the political resistance these days. Wish I heve seen it earlier because I like to see, understand and then form an opinion about a subject. And since it is talked a lot lately, I decided to give it a try. I mean why not? I’ve watched many crappy movies and this doesn’t look crappy at all.

So far so good. I love Natalie Portman‘s acting. I think she is dedicated and she really makes the character come to life. LOooove. And Hugo Weaving? He played at the Lord of the Rings (<3) and the Matrix. Got to love that man. Not to talk about his sexy voice that comes alive in this movie since you cannot see his face. 

So, I will watch this movie till its very end and then share my views. 🙂 Goodbye for now sweeties.:)


Well, I guess some of you are wondering whether I liked the movie or not. Others couldn’t care less.

I will talk to those you do not care firstly so since you are the most difficult group. 😛 It is a quite interesting movie and it gives you a boost to think. I mean it is said 2 or 3 times throughout the movie that art is ooften lying to reveal  the truth. So, what if the movie is a metaphor about how our lives are controlled by the others? And what about the power of the words? The power of the ideas? Since someone managed to convince many people that if we all jump at the same time, the earth will change her course, isn’t posible to guide the masses without them noticing? For the better or for the worse. And even those words, better, worse, good, bad are vey subjective. Anyway, I suggest this movie to you if you want to watch an action movie or to you that you want to see below the surface and think some new things. (Of course this movie is not the most thought provoking one but still it is a quite good one)

For those of you that care whether I liked this movie or not, yes I did enjoy it and please read those written above for my fully review. Thank you very much!

Who let the dogs out?

Hello guys!!!

Meet Artsi, he is our 6-years old miniature pinscher (you can read info about his breed if you click on its name) and well, he is the man of my life. I adore him although sometimes he makes me mad…

So, I thought Hey, I am having a dog (and managing to keep him alive) for 6 whole years! I must share what I’ve learnt throughout this journey!

TIPS for all the wannabe dog keepers.

1) Make sure all the family members/people you live with want the puppy/dog
I can not stress enough about how important this is. When we first got our dog, my father didn’t want him. He didn’t want a dog in our house because he didn’t want to be emotionally attached to a pet and then lose it. But after a period with long fights and lots of beggings, finally the dog was mine. [It wasn’t Artsi, our first dog was Brain who died shortly after we took him because of an illness he caught 😥 ] But my father was a little bit concerned and didn’t spend much time with the dog, something that the dog noticed and made him sad… So,, make sure everybody want the dog you are getting and everybody is willing to love and take care of him. [Thankfully my dad changed his mind shortly after and now they are inseperable]

2) Make sure you share the same ideas about how the dog should be trained/behave
Again, my dad is in favour of a more hyper dog, a dog that is always alert and wary of the strangers whereas I love the more docile, cute, lethargic type of dog. Thanks to me being a middle school student when we got him, guess who won. And what type of dog we have.
Yeah, yeah, Artsi is far from docile… He likes hugs of course but only for a short period, he is always alert and jumps around all the time. Not to mention that he doesn’t want anyone new in our house. Sigh… Sometimes this really piss me off but then again, I love with too much ❤

3)  Make sure you will be able to take care of your puppy.
 I know right now the idea of keeping a puppy sounds so wonderful, but are you willing to take care of him for 10-15 years? Because dogs live that much. And dogs need attention and you must share a considerable amount of your time training them, playing with them, loving them. This thing will never end. Don’t forget alo that keeping a dog is quite expensive. You need to pay for its food/visits to the vet/toys/doggy treas/dog house and so many other stuff… Moreover, dogs, especially puppies can be really destuctive as they like to chew and bite everything they found along their road…

[ We were moving out of our house that day that’s why he is on leash and all his stuff are taken away]

4) Make sure you choose the right breed for you.
Not every dog breed is for you. Some are more hyper, some more calm, there are big ones, small ones, medium size ones. You must choose acoording to your character, for instance if you are an athletic person a hyper dog that can accompany you to your walks is prefect whereas if you are a more lay back type you need a calmer one. Of course, every breed’s characteristics are generic and there are expeptions but usually they are just about right. Also, if you have a frined/someone you know and has a dog ask him for advices and if you like his/her dog why not get one of the same breed for yourself? It will be much easier since someone experienced on that breed will be able to help you.

That’s all for now… 

In my next doggy post I will talk about how to train and take care of your puppy.

P.S. I am not a professional trainer, I am far from that, I just share what I’ve learnt throughout the years…

Dear self,


Today I won’t upload a post about outfit inspiration (but wait for it, it will be out soon as well as the update, with pictures of my new hair 😉 ). Today this post is all about letting go and finding happiness…

Well, as I wrote before, 2011 was the toughest year of my life so far. My best friend died suddenly, I had a relationship with a guy I adores and he broke up with me after his birthday party while I was giving him his present (and no, I didn’t ak to give me back his present, why would I?), my mother was sick and almost died during a sergery so yeah… you see it wasn’t the happiest days of my life.

But (here comes the important lesson) no matter how many hardships we faced, we must learn to let them go. I know it is hard to embrace all the bad things happening to you. I know it is almost impossible to move on and live on while thinking of the friend you lost, or of the love you lost, but still… life is moving ahead and so should you. I am talking to myself too, don’t think I am a master of  strenght and power ’cause I am not. 

But we have to move ahead. Fear is not a good companion for your future, so let him be. Fear is often greater than the danger itself therefore you don’t need someone to make you see things more difficult and scary than they really are. Don’t be reserved even though you were hurt in the past. The past exists so that you’ll learn from it and you won’t repeat the same mistakes. It works as future’s guidelines not as a weight that slows you down and makes you go further away from your goals. Don’t be afraid to face it and deal with it. It is a painful experience, of course, but you will earn much more than you will lose. 

Don’t punish yourself by taking away from him what makes you happy. Try to stay true to him by doing what you know it is right. Deep inside us we know when we are doing something bad…. Imagine that yourself is a small, fragile baby. Will you let someone do to the baby what you do to yourself? If the answer is “no” then stop it. Not tomorrow, now. Your body, your heart and your soul are the only possessions you will have your whole life. Treasure them and they will compensate you. 

Lastly, remember that life may not give you what you want, but gives you what you need. What you need to become better, more clever, stronger. Life teaches you lessons. If you don’t learn them, they will repeat. So, have your eyes open, learn from what you do, what others do and what happen around you, so that you will upgrade. 

Make sure you will find happiness….