Gossip girl here! (season 1)

Gossip girl is an American teen drama television series based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. The series was created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, and premiered on The CW on September 19, 2007 (source wikipedia)

I must admit that I was enchanted by these series from the very start. And the reason? Not only do I enjoy a great  intrigue but also I absolutely adore the clothes featured in the series! Especially the way Blair and Little J are dressed up are fantastic! (sorry Serena lovers I do not enjoy her clothes and character that much…)

Anyway, below are shown all the clothes I liked from season number 1:

From season #1, from the pilot episode Blair wears that gorgeous black dress… I wonder how Nate was able to resist…

I know I mentioned before I didn’t like Serena’s style but I must admit this outfit is nice…

This white dress paired with these shoes looks so damn beautiful!

I don’t know how many of you will agree but this dress looks more Blair-like than Serena. Anyway, liked this outfit of hers too.

I admit that all the school uniforms she wears look spectacular…

Even looking sad she remains gorgeous. How does she do that? Also, I love love love how the green dress is matched with red shoes…

Matching dresses and shoes. Both of them looked stunning.

Another of Blair’s school uniforms…

I would definitely would love the idea of giving an engagement ring to a girl like her (if I were a boy that is…) and with that outfit? Man, I will be in love!

Simple, chic, charming. Enough said.

This was my favourite outfit from season #1. I cannot explain why, it simply is.

Seeing Blair wearing bold colors is not something unusual but these tights and that bag? Wanted.

Just another day at school…

Happy birthday B!

I love how this dress is more baggy and its puffy sleeves of course…

And here is a Little J’s school uniform…

I like the tie and how this whole outfit looks effortless…

Yellow + red + blue + white and off you go!

A very chic outfit and even though I don’t like anything sparkly on my clothes for that dress I would make an exemption.

I will move heaven and earth to find an affordable dress like that…

Simple and elegant, just Blair.

Pink is my favourite color and Jenny wears it so… ❤

Wearing a tie as a headband? Why not?

I am in looove with that coat!

Little J’ school uniform is adorable…

❤ ❤ ❤

Loved the black + dark purple combination…

Her shoes? Magic!

Matching a bold color with neutrals? A must-do!



A View From The Top

Yesterday I spent my evening at home preparing for my night out and happened to watch the 2003’s movie A view from the top with Gwyneth Paltrow and then, bang!, it hit me! Outfit inspiration! Working as a stewardress! Why not? Classy and sexy!

Blue is a never out of fashion color plus elegant long skirts and shirts makes it comfy and stylish! 

Stripes will create a more womanly body to those who don’t have many curves plus this skirt will make the bum look gorgeous!

Blue, blue and more blue. With yellow. Color-blocking here I come!



Realising that you are alone in your life while being surrounded by many people is far more devastating than actually being completely lonely. Because there is always that illusion that you are in reality worthy, that there are people out there that really care. Which is not true. At all. And when the pink cloud is blown away you know the truth. And truth cuts deeper than a knife. 


I know many women (me too) are trying to lose weight. During this process there are many precautions someone must take and some decisions one must make.

First of all, you can lose weight in a healthy or unhealthy way. There are many healthy diets you can find and follow, one that will fit your metabolism because not all the diets are appropriate for everyone. This healthy eating style if is paired with some regular exercise can bring long-termed results and you can finally lose that extra weight you’ve always wanted. But, you must understand that this will take time and constant effort is needed in order to be rewarded with the body of you dreams. Now, the unhealthy way of losing weight consists of eating disorders, diet pills, over-exercising and so much more. Please, if you care about yourself, stay away from this way of achieving a thin body.

Secondly, you must understand how much weight you can lose and still have a fully functional body. Simple put, not all of us have the possibility to be really, really thin. Some of us have curves and places in our body that no matter how thin we become, they will still exist. I, for instance, have an apple-shaped body which means that I gain and maintain weight on the upper portion of my body. Even when I was 29 kg with a 160 cm height, I still had tummy and boobies visible. Even then. (I never had eating disorders, I just didn’t like eating since I was 2 years old. I gained weight when I was 16 years old and now I am 60 kg fat. lol)

Lastly, I know we all try our best to create and maintain a beautiful and healthy body, so here some thinspirational photos for you my friends…

And God knows how much I adore cosplaying!

So, keep up you efforts and don’t give up! 

Stay strong, stay healthy, become thin!



How are you? It’s been a while, no? Well, I think it’s high time to finish my gyaru post and move on to my next subject ;).

Spring is a wonderful season but, when being out of the sun I still chilly, so a jean jacket and knee-high socks will keep you warm. Awww, this outfit is just so sweet! And remember when pairing a jean jacket (which is a very structured piece of clothing) you want to have at the bottom something with movement like this floral skirt.

Here we have a cowboy-ish look. Brown fits very well with pink. And again you can see here the jean jacket paired with the summer dress.

Those fluffy boots were worn a lot this winter. With some adjustments like these here, you can wear them also during the chilly spring days…

This is definitely a great spring look! And so girlie!

Brown & white & blue. A classic combination that offers many possibilities…

Anyone who knows me, remembers my obsession with crazy hats (like the one in the picture) and the jumpsuits. Well, this is a divine look for me with so much pink in it!

An outfit that reminds me of school uniforms… With a twist of course…

A look more date appropriate. If you want to make him drool that is… 😉

Pink, violet and ribbons? Want them all!!

Plaided skirts were on fashion this winter and I can’t see any reason why not wear them during the spring time too…

If you are a fan of animal print and you want to look more girly than wild, this look is for you!

Cute summer dresses can be worn during the springtime also, paired with jackets and warm high socks.

Another example of a summer dress… With one shoulder this time.

This is a different look that remain girlie as ever…

A look perfect for a date or a walk with friends. 😀

I’ve always wanted a floral backpack, now I know with what it can be paired too…

Gyaru amour.

Hello again! I know it’s been a while since my last outfit inspiration blog entry but I will make it up for it with a huge post. Those of you (and I know that there are a lot) that adore girly outfits, brace yourselves for an overdose is coming!

Long wavy hair, cowboy or safari mood and of course clothes that match this. The animal print details on the shorts are very nice and easy to DIY on your old jeans. Brown shoes, bag, hat and accessories. Sweet. Also, the white tunic with the brown details makes this outfit both sexy and comfortable. Perfect spring outfit. ❤

Feeling like wearing lace and pastel? Just look at the outfit above.Pink, cream, baby blue and the hat… Ahhhh! It makes my girlie heart beat a lot faster. Perfect look for a date or for the times you want to feel both comfortable and girlie.

Wanna live like a girl in a cowboy movie? Blue shirt, brown color and yeah, a cowboy hat! So sweet!!! ❤

You don’t know what to wear at your uni in springtime? Jean shorts, and a beautiful shirt with a thin green jacket with a big jean bag ideal to carry all those notebooks and books.  And high heels with a more fat (is that how is called?) heel ideal to walk in all day.

Flower, flower and some more flower! Spring is all about the earth begining again and everywhere you look there are flowers! So, a spring outfit inspired by this beautiful sight is only natural. This one is for the more cool days when you need something to provide you warmth and still allow you to feel girlie and cute. Pink works very well with brown to create a cute but not over the top look. And I ADORE over the knee socks! ❤

Springtime is not always about sunny weather… Rainy days are here too.Long jeans together with apink corset and pink pumps and a matching umbrella. Could this be any cuter? Now who is gonna be grumpy on rainy days? Not me!

This reminds me of the few weeks I spent working as a secratary… As you already guessed I adore pink color and this skirt is so cute! Matched with the shirt and the sweater the outfit is toned down and looks appropriate for work while still keeping the girlie tone.

Pink polka dot dress with matching shoe and accessories. ❤ Ideal for going out for a coffe or for a walk at the park.

Baby blue is another color I adore. Here a blue ruffled shirt is matched with a brown skirt with blue and brown accessories. I would wear something like that at my work or when going out for a coffe/movie.

A more eccentric yet cute outfit. ❤

Another eye-catching outfit. This one can be turned from day to night outwear. 

An outfit that looks like it is from another decade. The high heels can be changed and the outfit be worn with flats for those of us that walk everyday many miles.

Can say much about this one. I just want to buy everything and wear those clothes all week!

That’s all for now (I have to help my sister organize her birthday party) so, Part #2 of Gyaru amour will be up in the coming days. 

Until then, take care and enjoy yourselves!



You can call me V.

Hello my macarrons! 

I’m currently watching V for Vendetta, a film I’ve never watched and seems to influence a lot the political resistance these days. Wish I heve seen it earlier because I like to see, understand and then form an opinion about a subject. And since it is talked a lot lately, I decided to give it a try. I mean why not? I’ve watched many crappy movies and this doesn’t look crappy at all.

So far so good. I love Natalie Portman‘s acting. I think she is dedicated and she really makes the character come to life. LOooove. And Hugo Weaving? He played at the Lord of the Rings (<3) and the Matrix. Got to love that man. Not to talk about his sexy voice that comes alive in this movie since you cannot see his face. 

So, I will watch this movie till its very end and then share my views. 🙂 Goodbye for now sweeties.:)


Well, I guess some of you are wondering whether I liked the movie or not. Others couldn’t care less.

I will talk to those you do not care firstly so since you are the most difficult group. 😛 It is a quite interesting movie and it gives you a boost to think. I mean it is said 2 or 3 times throughout the movie that art is ooften lying to reveal  the truth. So, what if the movie is a metaphor about how our lives are controlled by the others? And what about the power of the words? The power of the ideas? Since someone managed to convince many people that if we all jump at the same time, the earth will change her course, isn’t posible to guide the masses without them noticing? For the better or for the worse. And even those words, better, worse, good, bad are vey subjective. Anyway, I suggest this movie to you if you want to watch an action movie or to you that you want to see below the surface and think some new things. (Of course this movie is not the most thought provoking one but still it is a quite good one)

For those of you that care whether I liked this movie or not, yes I did enjoy it and please read those written above for my fully review. Thank you very much!