You can call me V.

Hello my macarrons! 

I’m currently watching V for Vendetta, a film I’ve never watched and seems to influence a lot the political resistance these days. Wish I heve seen it earlier because I like to see, understand and then form an opinion about a subject. And since it is talked a lot lately, I decided to give it a try. I mean why not? I’ve watched many crappy movies and this doesn’t look crappy at all.

So far so good. I love Natalie Portman‘s acting. I think she is dedicated and she really makes the character come to life. LOooove. And Hugo Weaving? He played at the Lord of the Rings (<3) and the Matrix. Got to love that man. Not to talk about his sexy voice that comes alive in this movie since you cannot see his face. 

So, I will watch this movie till its very end and then share my views. 🙂 Goodbye for now sweeties.:)


Well, I guess some of you are wondering whether I liked the movie or not. Others couldn’t care less.

I will talk to those you do not care firstly so since you are the most difficult group. 😛 It is a quite interesting movie and it gives you a boost to think. I mean it is said 2 or 3 times throughout the movie that art is ooften lying to reveal  the truth. So, what if the movie is a metaphor about how our lives are controlled by the others? And what about the power of the words? The power of the ideas? Since someone managed to convince many people that if we all jump at the same time, the earth will change her course, isn’t posible to guide the masses without them noticing? For the better or for the worse. And even those words, better, worse, good, bad are vey subjective. Anyway, I suggest this movie to you if you want to watch an action movie or to you that you want to see below the surface and think some new things. (Of course this movie is not the most thought provoking one but still it is a quite good one)

For those of you that care whether I liked this movie or not, yes I did enjoy it and please read those written above for my fully review. Thank you very much!


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