Shirt inspiration…

Hello again! I don’t know about you but I’ve always adored the overshized shirts and the baby blue color. So I thought… Why not put them together? And here it is! For your eyes only!

A look perfect for going for shopping/ hang out for a coffee/ going to the university or going for a movie. Love it because is very versatile without being boring.

Going for vacation? Pack those lovely clothes and you have many looks. Just the shirt, a bathing suit, the had and the bag and you’re ready to go to the beach! Add the red dress and you’re ready for the beach bar!

That’s what i was talking about! Seee??

Another look perfect for the beach or for the summer generally… 😀

Do you want to go to work? Baby blue shirt is here for you!

Or maybe you want to go for a date at summer? Here is the look for you!!!

P.S. I know summer is still far away but, come on!, watching these outfits didn’t brighten your day??


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