Who let the dogs out?

Hello guys!!!

Meet Artsi, he is our 6-years old miniature pinscher (you can read info about his breed if you click on its name) and well, he is the man of my life. I adore him although sometimes he makes me mad…

So, I thought Hey, I am having a dog (and managing to keep him alive) for 6 whole years! I must share what I’ve learnt throughout this journey!

TIPS for all the wannabe dog keepers.

1) Make sure all the family members/people you live with want the puppy/dog
I can not stress enough about how important this is. When we first got our dog, my father didn’t want him. He didn’t want a dog in our house because he didn’t want to be emotionally attached to a pet and then lose it. But after a period with long fights and lots of beggings, finally the dog was mine. [It wasn’t Artsi, our first dog was Brain who died shortly after we took him because of an illness he caught 😥 ] But my father was a little bit concerned and didn’t spend much time with the dog, something that the dog noticed and made him sad… So,, make sure everybody want the dog you are getting and everybody is willing to love and take care of him. [Thankfully my dad changed his mind shortly after and now they are inseperable]

2) Make sure you share the same ideas about how the dog should be trained/behave
Again, my dad is in favour of a more hyper dog, a dog that is always alert and wary of the strangers whereas I love the more docile, cute, lethargic type of dog. Thanks to me being a middle school student when we got him, guess who won. And what type of dog we have.
Yeah, yeah, Artsi is far from docile… He likes hugs of course but only for a short period, he is always alert and jumps around all the time. Not to mention that he doesn’t want anyone new in our house. Sigh… Sometimes this really piss me off but then again, I love with too much ❤

3)  Make sure you will be able to take care of your puppy.
 I know right now the idea of keeping a puppy sounds so wonderful, but are you willing to take care of him for 10-15 years? Because dogs live that much. And dogs need attention and you must share a considerable amount of your time training them, playing with them, loving them. This thing will never end. Don’t forget alo that keeping a dog is quite expensive. You need to pay for its food/visits to the vet/toys/doggy treas/dog house and so many other stuff… Moreover, dogs, especially puppies can be really destuctive as they like to chew and bite everything they found along their road…

[ We were moving out of our house that day that’s why he is on leash and all his stuff are taken away]

4) Make sure you choose the right breed for you.
Not every dog breed is for you. Some are more hyper, some more calm, there are big ones, small ones, medium size ones. You must choose acoording to your character, for instance if you are an athletic person a hyper dog that can accompany you to your walks is prefect whereas if you are a more lay back type you need a calmer one. Of course, every breed’s characteristics are generic and there are expeptions but usually they are just about right. Also, if you have a frined/someone you know and has a dog ask him for advices and if you like his/her dog why not get one of the same breed for yourself? It will be much easier since someone experienced on that breed will be able to help you.

That’s all for now… 

In my next doggy post I will talk about how to train and take care of your puppy.

P.S. I am not a professional trainer, I am far from that, I just share what I’ve learnt throughout the years…


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