Y u no work?

Hello guys! (and sorry for the big delay.)

My laptop decided to break down while I was writing a new post (thank you a lot laptop from hell!) Anyway, yesterday I got it fixed temporarely and here I am! I will upload today not only a post about outfit inspiration (I know you missed that!) but also, I will tell you what I was doing this whole time I spent away from you…

So, first things first, HAVE A NICE MONTH! ’cause March is here people! 

Friday night, I went out to see the first and last appearance of Panos Kiamos ( a Greek singer) whom I didn’t know because Greek songs is not my cup of taste. I only knew 2 or 3 of his songs and that was thanks to my friend Antonela who always listen to this kind of crap (sorry girl, just my opinion). Anyway, if you want to listen to a song of his the link is here. So, I’ve been in this night club with Antonela, Stelios (one of our classmates and friend) and 3 of his friends. But the night wasn’t going to be anything near fun. Stelios got drunk by drinking alone a whole whiskey bottle. And man, I’ve seen many people getting drunk but this? This could be a picture to scare all the children around the world! He cries when drunk and he is fuc***ing ugly. Not moderately ugly, awfully ugly, I haven’t seen anyone crying so ungly in my life. After I got home and fell asleep I saw nightmares because of this. Imagine, just imagine!! Generally, the night was a disaster. But, I have to admit, Panos Kiamos did the best that he could. Nice program, and he sang relatively well. 

On Saturday it was Dora’s name day and she celebrated at Antonela’s place since Dora lives with her parents. It was a quiet, fun night with us dancing songs we used to listen during our childhood. I stayed at Antonella’s and her (soon to be boyfriend) came by at to greet us. Nice guy and he triens to find me a boyfriend since he believes “I am getting eaten by my solitude” (greek expression, don’t ask). I always find it funny how hard he tries and the guys that he finds… oh my God! He suggested 3 of them and just by watching their pictures was enough for me and Antonela to have nightmares for weeks. Haven’t seen more ugly guys (not to mention that ine of them is confirmed to be a drug addict…)

Lastly, on Sunday I went to my grandma where my aunt and my cousin Dora celebarated theis name day and birthday. Looooved it! 

That’s about all. How about you?


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