Bambi outfit inspiration

Bambi was one of the movies that made me as a child cry as hard as I could… I mean bambi lost its mother! So, since it is one of the most memorable cartoons I watched as a little one, it deserves an outfit inspiration, no?

Bambi, the hero of the movie, such a sweet little fellow.  ❤ Love.

Another everyday outfit perfect for the university and the for every time you need something casual yet unique to wear.

Two outfits inspired by Bambi, it has its brown color palette and of course details with deer like the necklace, the earrings and the bracelets. 

Another outfit inspired by Bambi and Faline. So cuteee both of them! Again here we have the same color palette (brown) and this look is much more formal than the previous ones.

Another outfit inspired by Faline. Here there are more pastel, girlie tones and of course the deer details in the earrings and the ring.

Bambi’s friend, Flower. Adorable! Here it is a very unique dress in black and white, perfect for a more formal event.

Thumber, the bunny, the dress is grey just like its fur and the shoes an off-white color to match its paws. I think I would wear something like that on a date or something. 🙂

Lastly, my favorite quote from Bambi. 

Love is a song that never ends. ❤ ❤



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