Dear self,


Today I won’t upload a post about outfit inspiration (but wait for it, it will be out soon as well as the update, with pictures of my new hair 😉 ). Today this post is all about letting go and finding happiness…

Well, as I wrote before, 2011 was the toughest year of my life so far. My best friend died suddenly, I had a relationship with a guy I adores and he broke up with me after his birthday party while I was giving him his present (and no, I didn’t ak to give me back his present, why would I?), my mother was sick and almost died during a sergery so yeah… you see it wasn’t the happiest days of my life.

But (here comes the important lesson) no matter how many hardships we faced, we must learn to let them go. I know it is hard to embrace all the bad things happening to you. I know it is almost impossible to move on and live on while thinking of the friend you lost, or of the love you lost, but still… life is moving ahead and so should you. I am talking to myself too, don’t think I am a master of  strenght and power ’cause I am not. 

But we have to move ahead. Fear is not a good companion for your future, so let him be. Fear is often greater than the danger itself therefore you don’t need someone to make you see things more difficult and scary than they really are. Don’t be reserved even though you were hurt in the past. The past exists so that you’ll learn from it and you won’t repeat the same mistakes. It works as future’s guidelines not as a weight that slows you down and makes you go further away from your goals. Don’t be afraid to face it and deal with it. It is a painful experience, of course, but you will earn much more than you will lose. 

Don’t punish yourself by taking away from him what makes you happy. Try to stay true to him by doing what you know it is right. Deep inside us we know when we are doing something bad…. Imagine that yourself is a small, fragile baby. Will you let someone do to the baby what you do to yourself? If the answer is “no” then stop it. Not tomorrow, now. Your body, your heart and your soul are the only possessions you will have your whole life. Treasure them and they will compensate you. 

Lastly, remember that life may not give you what you want, but gives you what you need. What you need to become better, more clever, stronger. Life teaches you lessons. If you don’t learn them, they will repeat. So, have your eyes open, learn from what you do, what others do and what happen around you, so that you will upgrade. 

Make sure you will find happiness….



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