University:My new home…

Hello and sorryyyy for not posting in a while…

I’ve been busy since my new semester started and I haven’t passed God knows how many lessons from the previous semesters so my program right now is really really hard…

For instance today ( and every Tuesday till the end of this semester) I have lessons from 9 o’clock till 21 o’clock. Yeah, that’s right! A whole 12hours program. Sounds good right? 

And I have none to blame, other than me. I’ve been active in a volunteering organization of course and had to face the death of two very close people to me but, I was the one who didn’t pass the lessons so I am the responsible one. And since I don’t like placing the blame to others and not be responsible, this semester I am determined to go to as many lectures possible and pass as many lessons possible.

So, until I manage my time efficiently I might not be able to blog as regularly as I want to.

As the title states university is now my new home… 😦


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