University/College inspiration…

Since from now on I will spend a lot of my time at my university I thought a post about looks you can wear at your university is just about right. (Don’t worry I will continue my cartoon inspired outfits later in this week 😉 )

A very neutral, casual look you can wear all the days and can take you from day to night with some slight modifications. 

One very preppy and interesting outfit. Usually I prefer dressing up like this when having a date or an art event to attend after the lectures.

Another college appropriate look inspired by Bebe’s style. It is one very comfortable look perfect for the days you want to feel more relaxed or you have a heavy program.

Another university look that has more masculine references  which are balanced with the skirt and the girlie top. Perfect for making a statement and being stylishly memorable. 

Of course being in university usually means having a wild night life so, here is a look perfect for clubbing.

Want to wear your all-star? Here is an outfit inspiration for you!

I believe you already realised I seek inspiration for my outfits in the movies/cartoons so here is a university outfit inspired by the death eaters from Harry Potter.

For those days that you pin up stylish self is eager to be expressed this is a perfect look (for me of course minus the heels cause everyday I have to walk 1 kilometer to reach my bus station)

Want to dress up simple and classy? Dark blue jeans and all black clothes is the way to go.

Liked it? It’s gonna be continued tomorrow… 🙂

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