Y u go to Germany?

My friend Constantina is leaving for Germany and she will be there for 6 whole months having her Erasmus. I am gonna miss her like hell. I didn’t have the chance to spend enough time with her before she leaves because I had my exams and she had her exams too. 😦

So, today she is leaving for good and I hope, wish, pray that I will manage to visit her in Germany and that it will be the same period Michael Bubble has his concert so that we will go there. We are both big fans, you see…

Aside from that, the concert will be held at the last days of April, so I hope there will not be much cold, because if there something I despise that is the cold weather. 

Today, also, is the first day of my new semester. I hope this one will be much better than the previous one and I will try harder to convince myself to attend all the lectures. I know it is a quite difficult task, but if others can achieve it, so do I. So, I am starting with high spirits and try to maintain them.

Today, I will meet with my childhood friend Anastasia (not the last Romanov :P) and we will drink coffe at my uni. I need to buy Tereza a gift because the one I’ve already bought, I threw it accidentaly at the trash bin. 😦 Lastly, I will meet with Antonela and Dora in order to organize our Valentine’s day (Being single doesn’t mean we won’t celebrate )


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