Valentine’s day…

Valentine’s day is truly a feast for the romantic souls out there. Ooops! I mean for the romantic souls out there that have a partner. 

For us, the so-called unlucky, you know, the singles, is just another day… If we don’t receive a present from an unknown admirer that is…

I won’t call myself unlucky, of course. Being single was my decision and I support it 100%. But, also, I am a hopeless romantic soul so, of course I am going to celebrate this “celebration of love”. I’ve made my heart-shapped chocolates (many many of them) and I am determined to give at least one to every person I know that although is single, still wants someone to give him/her a nice gift.

So, all of you out there being sad for being single, you can still have fun. Make sweets, give to someone or to yourself a bouquet of flowers, a small gift or just pamper yourself more this day. Don’t let this drag you down. 

And for the end, I kept a video that I always post on Valentine’s day. 😀

Enjoy and happy Valentines  day to everyone!


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