Thank you God for those friends!

My friends were like this these past days… I hurt my neck some days ago and I wasn;t able to move my head and my right hand. Now, I am somehow better and I can move them both but with moderation… 

Antonela and Dora (my girlfriends) said yeasterday that they miss me and that they want to see me and they are willing to come from the place they live to my place (and this journey needs almost 2 hours!) I was very happy to hear that!  And of course, I am better now so, they don’t need to travel for 2 hours!

Also, thanks to my neck, which hurt like hell yesterday, I wasn’t able to go to Tereza’s party. That made me sad, I really wanted to see her but I was so in pain that I couldn’t take the bus and go there… 😦

That’s all that happened. 



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