Meeting with nasty X

We all have a nasty ex-gf/bf in our past that we will gladly remove without any remorse.

What happens when this ex is invited to your best friend’s party?

Tereza will have her birthday party at Saturday. And she called me asking if I will be able to help her to organize the party. My answer was of course yes, i love my friends and I always want to help them when they need me. And then came the question “I am thinking about inviting your ex, do you have any problem?”

My inner voice shouted YES so loudly, it almost slipped my lips. But, this is not my party. And I am not responsible for the people who will be invited, even if some of them are the only living beings on earth I would gladly beat them. And imagine, I don’t like violence one bit. So, I answered, “If you think this is what you want to do… invite him” and I hoped for the best (that she will understand that she should not invite him because she cares about me and doesn’t want me to spent an awful night.) 

She didn’t understand this though. And I saw him among the invited people. I pray he will not show up. For if he will and do again the shit he did to the other party we’ve been together, this time , I will be no lady. This time I will open my mouth and he will pray he never showed up. 

so… my plans for Saturday is work my ass out to organize a party, cook, clean for a party that I never wish to attend. I decided to stay strong and work and go to the party and should he be there, make sure I will try my best not to make a scene. But, if he insist I will talk him out and make a heroic exit from the party.


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