The asian restaurant nightmare…

Since I was 12 years old I dreamt of living in Japan. I don’t know why this country. I just found it extremely beautiful and its people extremely adorable. Their way of living, their history, their customs, their tales… All of them were and still are such a wonder to my eyes…

So, when I grew up and started going out, I wanted badly to go to an asian restaurant, preferably one with japanese food, to try their cuisine and see if it matches my tastes. Truth is, it does. I adored every single bite I took. But, there was one major problem. 

I cannot hold the chopsticks. Why? Why? Are my hands too small? Are my fingers not right? I don’t know. I just can’t hold them. Many of my friends tried to teach me, each using a different technique. But all of them fell apart. I just can’t use a goddamn chopstick! 


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