Rozen Maiden.

Dressing inspiration can be found everywhere… Yesterday I watched a fan-made  video for an anime called “Rozen Maiden” and I feel in love with their outfits! I’m not sure if it is an anime worth-watching but certainly their clothe are worth noticing. So, here is another dressing up inspiration…

Beautiful isn’t is? I like the Victorian references (such an interesting era for clothes) and of course, the color pallet.

A more boy-ish outfit but so well put-together!

So girly! And one more plus is of course the pink hair. ❤

A geek/school uniform outfit. I really like it and i want to wear like this at my uni. 

This outfit is all about pink! I want to find similar shoes to those in the picture though I haven’t seen anything like it at the shops…

This look is not so revealling. I like the color pallet and how well combined it is. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rozen Maiden.

  1. Oh wow cool inspiration boards, I only watched a few episodes of Rozen Maiden but I did admire the costumes too. Another one I really like for clothing is Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (a mix of Cardcaptor Sakura and xxxHolic characters).

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