Beauty and the Beast

Everyone has its favourite Disney movie. Beauty and the Beast has to be mine. I don’t know why… I mean, there are others with deeper meanings, more indulging story-line, more touching but this is my favourite. I can watch it every day and still not be bored. Still cry, still laugh, still feel the same heart-touching feeling with the same intensity every time.

With no further delay here is a (quite long) post about this movie clothing inspiration…

How could I put anyone else first rather than Belle, the heroine, a girl I can relate to? This is the outfit she wears at the cover of the movie. Honestly, the best princess outfit.

An outfit inspired by the clothes she wears at the beginning of the movie. So simple and pretty!

A more up-to-day outfit inspired by the color palette of her princess outfit. perfect everyday look with references to the movie like the book necklace.

Like the outfit above, this is a modern interpretation with the rose being this time a reference to the movie.

This is a modern outfit inspired by the clothes she wears as the movie proceeds. Again the rose as well as the chosen colors are the reference to the movie.

I hate repeating myself, so just enjoy (and be inspired) by this modern interpretation.

A more formal dressing inspired by her princess outfit.

And a more everyday casual look. =)

The Beast is a very interesting prince, not the kind who will be docile and kind, he is stubborn and, of course will rescue when you need help, but he will have an attitude. Actually , I think he is one fo thee few princes we get to know deeper, know more about their character and their thoughts. Also, he is the one being tormented by a witch not the princess. Maybe that’s why I live this movie so much. It is different from the others.

His prince outfit is made up by blue and yellow, so this modern outfit represents his color palette very faithfully.

Same goes here. =)

Babette is really cute and I always enjoy the scene where she flirts with Lumiere. Such a funny couple!

A more free formal interpretation.

Chip is still a child. Crazy, funny and adorable. 

Cogsworth is like the Grumpy dwarf in the snow-white. Always sees at the dark side of life. 

Madame de la Grande Bouche or simple put Belle’s talking wardrope.

Mrs. Pots is Chip’s mother. Such a good, kind-hearted, mother-like character!

Summer outfit inspired by the funny, flirty Lumiere. 

The rose that started everything. It deserves an outfit even though is not really a movie character…

What would be this movie if it didn’t have its villan? Gaston is self-centered, selfish and not so smart. He has his fan club in the movie, I think he is the only Disney villan that has one, and so pretty… Enjoy outfits inspiration from him.

For the end of this post I saved some of the most known quotes from the movie as well as some funny moments…


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