Yeah, I know…. I’ve been so bad! I haven’t written anything for so long!

But I have reason and I am about to share them.

  1. I had my exam period and as I mentioned in a post before I owe so many lessons that I had to sudy day and night to be able to pass them and take my degree in time
  2. It’s been one year (in 27/01/2012) since my best friend died. And I wan’t feeling well
  3. I caught 2 time in a row cold. Yeah, that’s right.


Other stupid things that happenned is that I tried to bleach my hair and dye them a very bright blond which made my hair have 3 different colors (yeah, 3!) and so… My roots are light blonde, my middle hair is a yellow-orangishis color and my ends are almost orange. Not a beautiful sight. I can’t wait to go to my hairdresser. I haven’t decided yet what I am gonna do with that. 

Should I cut my hair and just dye their natural color? Should I dye them again blonde and hope for the best? I do not know. My hair are very sensitive and already, although I take really good care of them, they feel like hay. So, I think I will cut them again and turn back to my natural color. And start again for my goal which is long hair with pink endings. =D


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