Getting together…

Yesterday after a very long period, I got to go out with my cousin, Dora whom I adore.

We went for a coffee at Mediterranean Cosmos which is a mall at the outskirts of my city. Together with us was one of her friends (also named Dora) who is a funny, very anxious woman. (I forgot to mention that my cousin is 12 years older than me which means she and her friend are 32 years old) SO, we’ve been for a coffee and Dora started nagging about getting rejected for the second time in her life by a man. And that this is horrible.  Well, you are 32 years old and you expect that every time you like somebody, he must like you back? And that this is a reason to be unhappy all day long? Girl, if every time I got rejected in my life started being depressed and sad I would have committed suicide a very long time ago. Get it together! Life is full of rejections and things turning bad so that we can appreciate the good things when they are coming.

And the night I’ve been out with my cousin Paschalis (who is Dora’s brother). With us was Antonis my cousin’s and mine childhood friend, Fay, my cousin’s girlfriend and Giannis my cousin’s friend. I really like all of them so it was great going out with them. Like Dora, I haven’t been out with my cousin for a long time therefore, it was wonderful being able to spend time with him and hang out. 

Thing is, I think Giannis likes me and I find him attractive too. But, he is not the relationships guy. He just wants to have fun and move on. I am not that kind of type. I don’t want texts/phone calls/ dates every time & every day but I want a relationship. I like knowing I have someone I will be faithful to, someone I will call to see how he is going, someone we will go out for a date when we want to and have fun. But only one. I cannot move from guy to guy. I don’t wish for a serious commitment or anything. Just a relationship so that we will both have fun and be together ( I don’t know if I explained it correctly). I explained this to him and he seemed to understand.

Anyway, thing is today we talked and he said we should meet again. I will go out with him and hope he had understood what I’ve told him yesterday. I do not wish for just sex. If so, I wouldn’t be alone any night. I wish for someone to spent my daytime together too.

Also, I saw Antonis being very unhappy and I wish he will lighten up in the near future. I cannot take people I care about being sad…


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