Alladin inspiration.

During our childhood all of us have watched at least one of  the Disney’s movies… Aladdin was one of the first I ever saw and, therefore has an important place in my heart. I always adored the opening of the movie. 

This movie can also be great inspiration for dressing up…

Abu, Aladdin’s best friend is so cute! I adore his hat!

Aladdin, the protagonist. Although he is one of my least favorite princes (he lied and had inferiority syndrome) I admit he has a certain charm… And a wonderful six-pack. 😛

The carpet even though it had a silent role (we never heard one single word from it) was still a lovable and very clever character.

One of my all-time favorite villan. This guy had style.

A parrot? Just a parrot? Not my friend! He is Jafar’s partner with many killer lines for himself.

At last a female character (not to mention a princess) that is spicy, independent. She runs away, she fights for what she wants and she won’t stay being the villan’s victim waiting for the prince to save her. Go girl, go!

We all wished sometimes to have one for ourselves. Yes, genie is lovable and can make your wishes come true. What is more to ask? My first wish? “I wish for unlimited wishes” 



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