Love your doctor (?)

I am known to be a pretty timid person while facing crazy situations and almost never do I really lose my temper.

But this time… Ahhhhhh!!!

One of my best friends (I won’t write her name) went to give blood at the hospital. You know, you go and give blood to the hospitals so that they can use it when someone needs it. Anyway, she went and gave her blood. Everytime you give blood, they keep a small amount for testing so that the person who will receive it won’t get infected by something.

1 week after the blood giving thing, they sent her a letter, telling her that it is important to go to the hospital for further testing. They didn’t explain why or what it was wrong so she went unaware of what’ s going on. The nurse grabbed her, and took her immediately to take her blood for further testing. And when my bff asked why the nurse answered “Oh, it is just because you might be positive for hepatitis C.” Just like that. My poor bff was shocked! and who wouldn’t be?

Anyway, she gave blood and they told her that the results will be out early noon. So, she waited panicked and… She called them only to hear “Well, we are not sure if you are positive or not. You should come next month for another testing.” Another? Not sure? Hepatitis C is not a flu. It is a serious disease sexually transmitted. People die from it and you are not sure? 

Of course, my friend will go to another doctor to take the test to see if she is positive or not. But I can stop wondering. Do these doctor really care about the people they treat? I mean, where did all the humanity go?

I really hope that everything will be fine and that it was just a mistake… I hope my friend is all right..

If you wanna know more about this disease click


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