After the sex, what?

Recently, I had to ask myself that question…

I met a really nice guy over a year ago during a conference. We talked a lot and find that we share the same opinions on various subjects and talking with him was not even one moment boring. (I should stress now that this guy is what I call “my type” but at that time I had just broke up and I was not in the mood to look at anyone as something more than a friend)

We enjoyed each others company during the conference and keep contact after that. He lives in another city and I made him promise me that he will contact me when he will come to my city so that we can meet. And he did. He sent me a message telling me he came to Thessaloniki and that he wants us to meet. And we met. And the first moment I saw him, I felt…that I like him!

To cut the story short, the next day we met again and had sex. I wanted something more than just a sex, but I said since I can have them all, let’s just have one piece. And so I did. And he left the next day.

During his journey back home, we talked. And talked for almost 6 hours. And after that we talked again. And again… I didn’t want to let myself get carried away and start dreaming… But he was so good and so nice…. and wanted to speak to me…

But, all good things come to an end… One week ago, we were talking. I asked him “how everything are going?”  and he replied about his studies, his friends and that his sex life is very good. If I was over 40 I think this would have caused me a stroke. Fortunately, I am 20 so, I survived with just chocking and swearing. 

It wasn’t his fault. I wasn’t clear. I never told him that I cannot handle you telling me you are having sex with another one. I never explained to him how I felt. And I never asked him what kind of relationship will we have from now on.

So, girls and boys, one piece of advice. Always be crystal clear about your needs, your thoughts and your feelings. Be ready to hear any kind of response but, no matter what is the result, give yourself a high-five for trying.

As for me, yesterday we talked again and he said he missed me (a little). So, I guess it is time for me to go to him, tell him how I feel and make things clear. 


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