Cute boy infection.

So…. Yesterday I was out for a coffee with my friend and her boyfriend (a very nice guy) and his friends.

I think all of them were very nice guys and we share the same wicked interests like 1) everyday visits at 2) mortal kombat game playing (gotta loooove the Fatality) and 3) a love to tease and tease and tease the others.

That said, I have to admit that one of them caught my attention. O, yeah… A very cute boy =) who happens to study to be a cook (man with uniform 😀 ) and of course, since I ADORE MEN WITH UNIFORMS he immediately became the center of my attention. He has, also, a very nice personality too. 🙂 We were talking for at least 3 hours or so and it was pretty interesting. He said I am a very nice girl (yeeyy) and that I am wearing very beautiful boots ( he took notice on my BOOTS). Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay there for ever, so, our paths parted. 😦 Sigh… I have to do something!

And generally, I don’t know why but every time I step out of my house’s door, I meet handsome guys. Is it the cold? Like the snails are coming out after the rain, the handsome guys are coming out when the temperature reaches -5 C? I do not know how to explain this….The only thing I am sure about is that I am probably drooling when I see them like a freakin’ dog or something (and I blame it to my loneliness 😛 ) Anyway, the point is that from now on I have to be very attentive to my self and start dressing up a little bit more because you never know when a cute guy will come out!


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