Student’s nightmare…

The nightmare we all students live…

The period that makes us shiver in horror…

Yeah, exams are right around the corner and my field of studies, I study Balkan, slavic and oriental studies at the economical department is not a piece of cake. Not to mention the number of lessons I didn’t pass. It is 15/24. Yeah, that’s right. My first 2 years of studies, I didn’t actually study!

What do I do now? I won’t spend my time in prayers. Yes, I am a very good person (that’s what I said hahahaha) but I don’t think GOd can do any good if I don’t know at least the basics of each lesson. So, all there is to do is say “ANTIOS!” to my social life until the 10th of February, take a deep breath and start studying those horrible and (not to mention) most of the time boring subjects.

I know I should be grateful I am able to receive a high education instead of selling tissues at the streets, but let’ s face it! When in my entire life will I ever need to know the ethnografies of the Turkey? I mean, even if I do travel there, what will I do? Start talking to the Turks about how unfair is theiw law system regarding the position of the women in society? They will start throwing to me boiling water and they will propably be right.

Sigh…. That said I have to study for my first two lessons, comparative politics and bulgarian. Oh, yeah, I forgot to metion! I(also) study in my uni two languages russian and bulgarian. Oh yeah. As economics and politics weren’t enough…


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