Happy bus ride??

WE all’ ve been there….

A really old lady boarding on our bus. A really old lady with a really bad temper. And there she comes. She stands just in front of you. You who didn’t pay attention because you were lost in the mist of your thoughts…

“Where this life is taking me?” or “How cute these boots are” or “Should I eat pizza tonight?”

And I said before, there she comes nagging because you didn’t give her your seat. 

My dear dear granny, giving to someone your seat is out of kindness, it is NOT, i repeat NOT obligatory!

Yes, probably I would have stood up to give the seat to your sorry ass if I had seen you, but now? Now way!

And in order to make my point clear, I didn’t stand up from my seat until I reached my destination (which actually was the end of the bus tour).

So, dear elderly people, you always nag about how disrespectful the youth is, but you should try to be good examples to us by showing some respect to us too.


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