Helloo new year!

Hey cutie pies! 

I know it the 8th of February but did you make your 2013 resolutions list? Surely I did… And though a late starter, I did some of my first steps towards my goals for 2013.

First on my list (you probably seen it at a post before…) was to dye my hair pink or fuchsia. Which I am proud to say I did.


397581_580502948632206_1259056066_nYep, this is me in the picture. Hey! (it’s the first time seeing me, no?)

But, unfortunately, that’s all I did so far…

Did you achieve any of your new year’s resolutions?

Game Of Thrones

I really, really love these series. Not only the TV series but also the books. I think it’s a big hit ( here in Greece it is not shown on the TV so I can’t really tell but many of my friends have watched the series. ). My favorite characters till now are Daenerys, Tyrion and Arya, Which are yours?

I therefore believe I do not have to explain the reason why I make a Game of thrones outfit inspiration my first blogpost after a long time… So, let’s begin! (Ah! In the end I have the links for the images and the clothes shown so that you can find them if you want them. 😉 )


vaes dothrakFirst outfit inspired by the clothes worn by the people in Vaes Dothrak. I really liked the leather details in their clothes as well as their boots. The color scheme is quite simple to follow as they almost all the time chose brown-ish colors.

arya starkThe second is one of the most badass characters in the series, Arya Stark. She almost all the time wears boyish clothes, unlike her sister, and on the first cycle has her hair braided but on the second cysle has a short boy haircut. Her color scheme is mostly grey, brown with hints of white and black.

lady catelyn starkHere is an outfit inspired by Lady Catelyn Stark, a character that I love but I can never forgive for not having at least a humanly approach to Jon Snow. Hello, he is your stepson wheter you like it or not and he didn’t choose to be your son’s bastard. Other than that I admire how she stays strong for the sake of her children. Her color scheme is also quite settle with blue-ish and grey tones in almost all her outfits.

sansa starkSansa Stark. Such a beautiful girl but there are so many times I want to shake her or punch her in her face. Why don’t you just leave with the Hound??? Why??? At the beginning of tha series she wears the Stark’s colors, grey and white but soon becomes the queen’s clone and wears the colors worn in the court. Her hair have some amazing updos I cannot seem to understand, even after watching the series so many times, how they are made.

fire and blood

house targaryen 22house targaryen

Outfits inspired by the house Targaryen. Fire and blood is their motto and their color scheme is, without any doubt, red. Although Daenerys almost never wears this color, should she come back to rule the Seven Kingdoms, I don’t think she would not wear a lot of clothes with this color on them. Of course I have included an outfit inspired by the one she wears at her wedding ceremony but put up in a more wearable manner.

house lannisterhear me roarhouse lannister 2House Lannister. 3 children, two of them making incest actions and one dwarf. Nice. Their motto is hear me roar and they surely do as they are the richest and from my point of view, one of the most vicious houses. Their colors are, also red and even though Cersei is one of my least favorite characters, I adore her clothes…

My laptop was kinda grumpy today, so I will upload the rest of the post later… If you wish to see the clothes used in the pictures, some of them are found here , just click on the picture and it will give you the links to the shops selling them. And you can find much more here just click on the collections that caught your eye. 😉

So, till next time, I wish you a great time!!





Ever thought how life would be if you made the other choice? When you were face with the dilemma to choose this path or the other, what would have happened if you had chosen the other one?

Lately, I’ ve been thinking about it. I mean, every day, every moment we make , consciously or unconsciously, choices that lead us to one place or another. And suddenly we arrive somewhere. Is this the place we should have been? If we have taken the other road, would we be in a better place than this?

I’ve made so many, seemingly, wrong choices in the past and I was hurt beyond tha point of breaking. But, while lying on the bottom of the bottomless pit of sadness, I met so many people willing to support me that became in the process some of my dearest friends. So, were these choices right or wrong?

The final outcome wasn’t so devastating as it seemed at the beginning it would be, but still are those choices the ones I should have made? If I didn’t I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends, but, also, I would be much happier and much less hurt lying in the arms of a caring lover than having to face some of the worst things in my life. And I don’t mean breaking up or having someone yelling at me. I mean having to face cold indifference when I had to face the death of my best friend. And afterwards, being so much hurt that still, after more than two years I’m still unable to trust a man to be with me. So many things. lies, mistrust, being used and being judged gor that by the same person for that. I had to explain myself for giving more than I should.

Moreover, if I had chosen to be single than “double” would I have much more time to spent with my best friend whom I lost so suddenly and without any warning? If I had chosen not to be so involved with a volunteer organization would I be more aware of his being unwell? I still wonder if I would be able to notice some signs of his illness and force him to go to the doctor before it was too late had I spent more time with him.  I still see nightmares where he calls out for me and I am unable to reach him…

Yes, I chose to become an administrative stuff to a volunteer organization. I really loved being active and creative. Unfortunately, it consumed so much time and put so much pressure on me while I had just lost my best friend that I couldn’t make it. I even almost had a heart attack from the pressure. And I had to resign. I still feel so bad about resigning. I didn’t want this thing to end so badly, I loved working there… And still, I wonder if things would have been different if I had made different choices, if I had chosen a different path to follow.

And this year, I lost my grandmother… I adored her and I lost her to cancer only one month after the diagnosis… And I wished with all my heart that I could turn back the time. That I would be able to see my best friend’s and my grandma’s illness and make something about it. Anything. Something so that the guilt wouldn’t be so big. So that I would be able to say I did something for them or in the very least that I was there to remind them everyday that I loved them…

So, which is the right and the wrong choice? How do we even know what is what? And when we make each decision are we truly and fully aware of the consequences it will bring to us?empty

Here comes, Orka again.

Did you guys missed me as much as I missed you?

(I hope you did…) Anyways, I am back after a long, long time. Sorry about that but I was moving out of my place and, well, I didn’t have free time to take a s**t not to mention working on my blog. But these things changed and I am back, refreshed and I promise you I won’t leave you ever again! ❤

So, for this week, I will post photos of my new room (yey!), new outfit inspiration and my first post of my new series “Guide to Savoir-Vivre”.

I’m getting them prepared, so I’ll write to you guys soon.


Challenge, accepted?

I must not be the only one that likes challenges. Come on! They spice up our lives and give us an incredible feeling once we achieve them.

So, I decided to set 30-days challenges along with a one-day challenge not only to myelf but also, to all of you that would like to challenge yourself alongside with me. 

So, my first 30-day challenge will be…

STOP A BAD HABIT  like eating your nails or (what I will do) stop chewing the insides of my cheeks (I know it’s gross but when I am nervous it calms me.) 

What are you thinking? Are you ready to take up the challenge?

My one-day challenge (which I will do tomorrow and post its progress) is…


Till next time,
Take care and accept a challenge!


What to wear…

Tell me where you are going to tell you what to wear…

1) Going to slumber party

As you see you need comfy, cute housewear clothes along with comfy house shoes =)

2) Going to a rock concert

3) Going to phoenix concert

4) Going to a soccer game

5) Going to an exam

6) Going to a costume party

7) Going on a roadtrip

8) Going out for sushi

Xo xo gossip girl (season #2)

Gossip girl is one of the tv series I really enjoy no matter how many times I watch. Needless to say I am in love with Chuck Bass (wish I could find someone like him in real life… sigh…)

Anyway, since I started with season #1, I must continue with season #2, so enjoy these breath-taking outfits…

I still firmly believe that Serena’s style is inferior of Blair’s but this long white dress along with the hair and the accessories is so pretty I admit it.

Blair can wear a ton of floral clothes and accessories and still look chic. How does she do it?

She rarely appears wearing trousers or shorts so that’s why I think those appearances are precious. Love it!

Such a beautiful fitted dress… Sigh… I wish I looked like her wearing a dress like that!

Another outfit for school of hers. The tie and the dress are my favorite parts of it. 🙂

Little J with new haircut looking stunning. Love the shoes girl!

I’ve looked everywhere for a skirt like that but no luck at all… I want it!

I like the way these elements are put together in this look. Way to go Jenny!

Green + yellow + brown = another gorgeous Blair look…

Simple yet wonderful…

In this look I like very much the hairstyle along with everything else.

Wish back when I went to school I would look like that.

I think the grey tones compliment her skin the most…

I adore this look!

Little J starting to have a remarkable sense of style…

3 adorable total-black looks!

Gotta love these boots!

As you realised, I left the outfits do the talking for me… 😛
And now…

My favourite look in season #2 is…

Which is your favourite look?

Gossip girl here! (season 1)

Gossip girl is an American teen drama television series based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. The series was created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, and premiered on The CW on September 19, 2007 (source wikipedia)

I must admit that I was enchanted by these series from the very start. And the reason? Not only do I enjoy a great  intrigue but also I absolutely adore the clothes featured in the series! Especially the way Blair and Little J are dressed up are fantastic! (sorry Serena lovers I do not enjoy her clothes and character that much…)

Anyway, below are shown all the clothes I liked from season number 1:

From season #1, from the pilot episode Blair wears that gorgeous black dress… I wonder how Nate was able to resist…

I know I mentioned before I didn’t like Serena’s style but I must admit this outfit is nice…

This white dress paired with these shoes looks so damn beautiful!

I don’t know how many of you will agree but this dress looks more Blair-like than Serena. Anyway, liked this outfit of hers too.

I admit that all the school uniforms she wears look spectacular…

Even looking sad she remains gorgeous. How does she do that? Also, I love love love how the green dress is matched with red shoes…

Matching dresses and shoes. Both of them looked stunning.

Another of Blair’s school uniforms…

I would definitely would love the idea of giving an engagement ring to a girl like her (if I were a boy that is…) and with that outfit? Man, I will be in love!

Simple, chic, charming. Enough said.

This was my favourite outfit from season #1. I cannot explain why, it simply is.

Seeing Blair wearing bold colors is not something unusual but these tights and that bag? Wanted.

Just another day at school…

Happy birthday B!

I love how this dress is more baggy and its puffy sleeves of course…

And here is a Little J’s school uniform…

I like the tie and how this whole outfit looks effortless…

Yellow + red + blue + white and off you go!

A very chic outfit and even though I don’t like anything sparkly on my clothes for that dress I would make an exemption.

I will move heaven and earth to find an affordable dress like that…

Simple and elegant, just Blair.

Pink is my favourite color and Jenny wears it so… ❤

Wearing a tie as a headband? Why not?

I am in looove with that coat!

Little J’ school uniform is adorable…

❤ ❤ ❤

Loved the black + dark purple combination…

Her shoes? Magic!

Matching a bold color with neutrals? A must-do!



A View From The Top

Yesterday I spent my evening at home preparing for my night out and happened to watch the 2003’s movie A view from the top with Gwyneth Paltrow and then, bang!, it hit me! Outfit inspiration! Working as a stewardress! Why not? Classy and sexy!

Blue is a never out of fashion color plus elegant long skirts and shirts makes it comfy and stylish! 

Stripes will create a more womanly body to those who don’t have many curves plus this skirt will make the bum look gorgeous!

Blue, blue and more blue. With yellow. Color-blocking here I come!



Realising that you are alone in your life while being surrounded by many people is far more devastating than actually being completely lonely. Because there is always that illusion that you are in reality worthy, that there are people out there that really care. Which is not true. At all. And when the pink cloud is blown away you know the truth. And truth cuts deeper than a knife.